Buffets Finance Review – The Vanished Scam

Buffets Finance encourages you to become a better trader by using their system, which they claim is simple, efficient, and innovative. And they are, but only in the sense of defrauding people.

Do not put your trust in Buffets Finance, even if the website appears to be transparent about corporate information. The broker claims to be based in Australia, and the company’s owner is INVEST PTY LTD, which is also licenced and authorised by the ASIC under licence number #621 771 355.

We discuss a few reasons why you shouldn’t trust this shady broker in this in-depth Buffets Finance review.

Is Buffet Finance a Regulated Crypto Broker?
Despite its claims to the contrary, the company has no license.

We looked through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registers and couldn’t find a license with the number #621771335. However, there is a company called INVEST PTY LTD, but their registration was cancelled in 2016, and the two are unrelated.

Take no information for granted, and avoid Buffets Finance if you don’t want to be duped.

How Dangerous Is An Unlicensed Broker?

There are numerous distinctions between licenced and unlicensed brokers. The Australian Securities and Exchange Commission is the country’s financial regulator for brokerage firms, and its policies are similar to those used in Europe.

All of these rules serve a single purpose: to protect the client. ASIC, for example, set the maximum leverage at 1:50 and provided negative balance protection. This is not something you will find with a scam broker.

Traders’ Buffet Finance Experience

Take a look at the comments about your experience with Buffets Finance:


“Do not make an investment. It’s a ruse.”


If you want to learn more, visit Trustpilot. The reviews of Buffets Finance speak for themselves.

Buffets Finance Broker – Service Countries
This broker operates  in the following countries:

New Zealand’s

MetaTrader 4 Trading with Buffets Finance (MT4)

The company claims to provide MetaTrader4 as a trading platform, but this is not the case. Buffets Finance scam offers a web trader that is nothing more than a poor imitation of popular software. Of course, it has fewer tools than the real MetaTrader and provides a lower-quality trading experience.

MetaQuotes released the MT4 in 2005, and despite the fact that it was released nearly 20 years ago, this programme is still considered the gold standard among trading platforms.

Everything You Need to Know About Buffets Finance Accounts
There are four types of accounts:

• Pioneer
• Explorer
• Adventure
• Hero

Each account unlocks new benefits and educational materials. Important details, such as leverage, a minimum deposit, and commissions, are not provided.

Remember the names of the trading scams HubbleBIT, Global Profit, and Aax and avoid them at all costs! Furthermore, before investing, always investigate the background of online trading companies!

Buffets Finance Trading Instruments and Markets

The company only provides trading with one asset – cryptocurrencies. They claim to be a specialised crypto trading platform, with hundreds of digital coins available. It is worth noting that there are regulated cryptocurrency exchanges that may offer a better experience than Buffets Finance broker.

What Trading Terms Does Buffets Finance Offer?

The spreads appear to be attractive, but keep in mind that Buffets Finance is not regulated, so its trading conditions are meaningless. Please do not fall for their enticing methods. This company will only cause you pain!

Minimum Investment Amount

There is no specific information on the minimum deposit required for each account type offered by the company. Other details include positions, portfolio, trading, and exchanges. It simply means that the broker purposefully withheld the initial amount while you spoke with the employees. They will propose the minimum deposit for you after evaluating your financial situation.

Spreads and Leverage

The company provides very attractive spreads, but be aware that we have already established that this broker is untrustworthy and that you should avoid them! Furthermore, the company made no mention of a leverage ratio, and it is our responsibility to alert you to legitimate measures taken by regulated brokers. Everything above a leverage ratio of 1:50 puts your investments at risk.

Communication Channels for Customer Support

Buffets Finance will make every effort to contact you via phone, mail, Telegram, and Whatsapp. They will be persistent and patient at first. They will accompany you step by step, explaining how the market works, and will stop once you stop making deposits. You will then be left without an answer. They will simply ignore your calls and emails until you decide to unsubscribe.

Buffet Finance Deposit and Withdrawal Methods, As Well As High Fees
Payment methods are not specifically mentioned. However, if the broker is only pressuring you to make a cryptocurrency deposit, close the account right away! Transactions in cryptocurrency are virtually untraceable and nonrefundable!

There are no fees listed on the website.

Buffet Finance Broker scammed you? – Tell Us Your Story

Don’t be ashamed if you were a victim of the Buffets Finance scam. Unfortunately, this ungrateful experience has befallen far too many people around the world, and you are not alone.

Our team has extensive experience and can assist you with this delicate situation. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s get the chargeback process started.

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