Cryptocurrency Investigations and Funds Recovery

Have you ever been hired for cryptocurrency investigations & assets recovery? You are at the right place to hire us because we lead beginners and professionals with the best practice level. The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a rapid pace. New projects are popping up every day. The number of wallets, exchanges and payment processors has grown as well. Unfortunately, the growth is associated with a higher risk of investors losing their money through hacks or phishing scams. Investors have become victims of fraud in the past, and they are concerned about whether or not it will happen again.

Recover Your Crypto Funds with Stakeout Pro

Stakeout Pro is a pioneer in cryptocurrency investigations and funds recovery. We can assist you if law enforcement cannot investigate your case or is moving too slowly. Stakeout Pro can solve your case before persuading prosecutors to seize the stolen worth assets and arrest the perpetrators. When we hand them a likely conviction on a silver platter, prosecutors usually get excited and act.

Our Team of Expert Specialize in

  • Investigations into cryptocurrency crime
  • Seizure & crypto recovery funds 
  • Identification of Bankrupts criminals 

The emergence of digital currencies, exchanges, and banking platforms are still relatively new, despite the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies. In the same way as traditional money, crypto assets (also known as cryptocurrencies) can be used to purchase goods and services or be traded for profit. In addition, criminals target these crypto markets with pump-and-dump scams, stealing millions of dollars from cryptocurrency holdings users.

How Cryptocurrency Investigations Help Us Recover Assets

The Stakeout Pro team assists cryptocurrency victims by finding clues, tracing funds, and identifying the perpetrators. As a result of this strategy, the client has several options for reclaiming the assets, including:

  • Track down the digital funds.
  • Make sure your emergency wallet is locked if criminals attempt to convert cryptocurrency into real money for withdrawals.
  • Obtain arrest warrants and asset seizures from local law enforcement agencies (globally).
  • Sue the offender.

How Stolen Crypto Assets are Difficult to Recover but Not for Us

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, more and more people are taking advantage of this new asset class. One problem that plagues these markets is the theft of digital assets. Stolen cryptocurrencies can be a huge problem for investors, especially those who use the assets to buy items online. But don’t worry. We are here to let you know our team recovers every type of asset in the hands of scammers.

It is important to note that recovering stolen cryptocurrency is a complex process that requires the cooperation of legal offices, law enforcement, and asset recovery companies. There are various steps involved in the process, including not only asset tracking but also proving misappropriated funds, contacting other victims of the same case, filing a class action, conducting on-site investigations, screening computers, and supporting law enforcement. Despite losing a couple of bitcoins, litigation may not be feasible due to very high litigation costs.

How We Look into Cryptocurrency Fraud

  1. Analyze: First, we carefully examine your conversations for potential blunders or clues that could lead us to the bad actors.
  2. Investigate: We search online and through databases for related offenses to gather evidence.
  3. Social Engineering: We directly engage the scammers, posing as another victim, and learn their address, identity, and, in most cases, everything needed for law enforcement to make an arrest.
  4. We Follow The Money Trail To The Final-Recipient. No matter how sophisticated the scam, a trail is always left behind in money transactions. Our team can often defeat scammers’ laundering attempts and lock wallets containing stolen or scammed cryptocurrencies. Even if we cannot lock accounts, we can usually obtain arrest warrants for offenders after gathering enough evidence.
  5. Track Down The Perpetrator: Our goal is to identify and track down the perpetrator. Following that, we consult with our clients regarding the best available strategy to determine the best course of action.

Our company offers blockchain forensics services for Bitcoin transactions, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ether, as well as other cryptocurrencies. However, as part of our investigation, we use forensic blockchain tools to integrate on-chain and off-chain analytics with investigative strategies to assist you in recovering your money.

We are experts in cryptocurrency tracing and fund recovery because of our understanding of blockchains, our knowledge of reverse social engineering, and our courtroom experience. Besides crypto investigators, our team includes open-source specialists, computer forensic experts, intelligence analysts, cyber security experts, and cyber forensic investigators to assist you.

What Makes Cryptocurrency Scams So Effective?

• Regulation failure

There is no regulation of the cryptocurrency industry by the government. Thus, no general guidelines or best practices exist, and parties are not expected to hold licenses or authorizations.

• Users’ limited knowledge

There are more and more people discovering, exploring, and doing investigations about cryptocurrency every day, which is fueling its popularity. The lack of knowledge or awareness of digital assets makes people new to cryptocurrency easy targets for scammers.

• Relative Confidentiality

As opposed to traditional bank accounts and checks, which make anonymous transactions difficult. The ease of cryptocurrency fraud is increasing because Bitcoin addresses don’t need to be registered in someone’s name.

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