Regulated CFD Scams

CFD Scams

If they are regulated CFD companies, how can it be a scam?  Let’s explain… imagine you walk into a casino and you sit down at a blackjack table.  You know in this situation that it is you versus the house.  You are playing head to head against the dealer.  Every time you win the dealer/the house loses money and every time the dealer/the house wins you lose money.  This is clear an apparent to everyone who enters a casino and sits down at a blackjack table.

How Regulated CFD Scams work?

Now imagine when you walk in the floor manager explains to you that this casino is the most qualified expert in helping you win.  Trust them, they know how blackjack works the best and they know how to make you money.  Don’t call the dealer a dealer or perceive him as an advisory, he is really your playing manager.  He and the rest of the house are going to tell you how to make money.  You need to show him your hand and the house will tell you exactly how to play your hand… trust them, they are the experts.


If this occurred you would probably either leave the casino immediately, laugh in their faces or both. You know well and clear that this is far from the reality of how casinos work.



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