In 2021, cryptocurrency scams, including bitcoin scams, binary options scam, and Forex scams, have increased. Many people have lost money when it comes to bitcoin and binary options. Forex investment fraud occurs via fraudulent cryptocurrency investing websites (phishing), phony binary options, and phony forex brokers.

Have you been a victim of a bitcoin scam and need assistance recovering stolen bitcoin or other cryptocurrency assets? There are two options for recovering your funds. You can recover scammed bitcoin by following money recovery protocols, or you can engage experts to help you recover the money you lost to binary options, forex, and bitcoin scammers.

How to Recover Scammed Bitcoins Yourself – DIY

Without the proper tools or knowledge, recovering stolen cryptocurrency is extremely impossible. If the crime occurred within the last few hours, you can try to retrieve the stolen bitcoin yourself; however, you must act quickly. Following these three do-it-yourself steps;
Notify the appropriate financial authorities about the scam; Make certain that other bitcoin traders and users do not make the same error. When making your complaint, include as much detail as possible, such as texts, screenshots, wallet addresses, and so on. Request that any crypto that is still in their exchange/wallet be frozen (although this is unlikely).

Hire Bitcoin Recovery Experts to Recover Stolen Bitcoin

Hiring cryptocurrency investigators to recover stolen bitcoin is another alternative. Our cryptocurrency recovery experts can follow bitcoin transactions and conduct technical investigations to recover cryptocurrency funds lost to bitcoin scams and other types of frauds. To recover scammed bitcoin and other digital assets, we use a combination of operational methods, crypto investigative experience, and crypto tracing software, including the complete suite Chainalysis solution.
Using our cryptocurrency investigation and assets recovery services to recover scammed bitcoin provides you with the best crypto recovery alternative for recovering your funds effectively and lawfully.

Before, there were no viable public-market options for enforcing the rights of victims of cryptocurrency-related fraud. A variety of reasons hampered the efforts of victims and law enforcement. Consider blockchain’s early-stage, cross-border nature, scalability, and new technological complexity.

Who can we assist?

We can help anyone who has lost crypto assets due to hacking, shut down and/or compromised exchanges, ransomware, bogus ICOs, or just sending funds to the wrong address.

Two ways to recover money lost to binary option

  1. Get your Money back through a Chargeback

When it comes to binary options frauds, the simplest approach to get your money back is to file a chargeback. A chargeback allows you to recover your money directly from your card issuer or bank, which is usually quite effective.
You avoid having to deal with the binary options provider directly by initiating a chargeback. Instead, you deal with your card issuer or bank, and they engage with the exact company that deceived you on your behalf.
Because clients are often inclined to win the case, chargebacks are frequently successful. When you file a chargeback, the card company or bank takes your side, and it is up to the firm that defrauded you to show to the card company or bank that they provided you with a great service.

In terms of chargebacks, you can request one even if the company has subsequently closed down.
In most situations, you must file a chargeback within 120 days of discovering the issue; Visa has a chargeback cut-off date of 540 days from the date you sent the money.

Because our cryptocurrency investigators have spent a significant amount of time exposing binary scams, crypto scams, and fake brokers in recent years, we are frequently asked about specific binary option recovery companies that claim to be dedicated to assisting binary options victims in recovering their money. These organizations can certainly assist, but a chargeback is something you can easily perform on your own.

2. Hire Crypto Assets and Funds Recovery Experts to Get Back Your Money Lost to Binary Options/Forex Scams.

It is difficult to recover money from binary options fraud, bitcoin scams, forex scams, and so forth. However, our knowledgeable agents and analysts can assist you.
Kindly contact us for a free consultation to discover if and how we can assist you.


  1. My account was zeroed out by absolute markets, lost thousands, and colleagues lost 100’s of thousands, SCAM! Help !

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